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Liam Gallagher - Shockwave (Clip 2)

Upload : 5 Jun 2019
Channel  : Endstation
Duration : 0.11
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Additional preview of Liam Gallagher’s new single ”Shockwave”, officially released on June 7, 2019.

Liam Gallagher rose to fame as the lead singer of the rock band Oasis back in the 90s. Today, he is performing as a solo artist. His voice at today's live concerts does not sound anything like his powerful and unique voice during the years 1992-1999. After many years of destroying his voice due to his damaging singing technique, somewhere around 2003 Liam started to sound like Kermit the frog during live concerts. Fortunately, he is now at least sounding good in the studio again. But unfortunately, we will never get Liam's old live voice back, unless he hires an expensive specialist and performs vocal chord surgery (if possible).