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Fresno Police: "Stop pretending to be a victim"

Upload : 10 Jul 2019
Channel  : Chimfish
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This is not my video. It was originally streamed live by the Homeless in Fresno/We Are Not Invisible Facebook page: I am mirroring it on YouTube to help it get more visibility. You can read more about the City of Fresno and the Fresno Police Department's horrible track record of violating homeless people's civil rights here:

The person who filmed the video did a followup live stream explaining additional details of the incident:

For context, this was filmed in one of the highest crime neighborhoods of Eastside Fresno where there has been a rash of violence in recent weeks. Two days ago a five-year-old was shot in a gang-related driveby. A week before that a 10-month-old was shot. Six days ago during a July 4th party around the block from where this video was filmed a gang battle broke out and 50 shots from eight guns were fired into a crowd, killing one person and injuring three others. Surely the Southeast division of the Fresno Police Department has more productive uses for its resources at the moment than sending 10 officers to handle a shopping cart warrant (not to mention the garbage truck employees). Why is it necessary that perfectly usable and in-demand items like food and clothes and tarps and walking canes and blankets be destroyed when somebody is willing to take them all?