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Fresno Gang Member's 'Hot' Mugshot Goes Viral

Upload : 15 Nov 2017
Channel  : Grunge
Duration : 10.40
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For most people who end up spending some time behind bars, their mugshots aren't their most flattering photos of all time. They're usually unhappy, unkempt, and completely uninterested in memorializing this moment of their lives for all the world to see on the police blotters. Mirella Ponce's just the latest of many unexpectedly attractive or unusual mugshot subjects who've taken the world by storm, so let's take a look at her and some other major mugshots that went viral...

Mirella Ponce | 0:22
Jeremy Meeks | 1:37
Mekhi Alante Lucky | 2:21
Morgan Joyce Varn | 3:11
Justin Lamar Richardson | 3:49
Meagan Simmons | 4:19
Luciano Gutierrez | 4:57
Sarah Seawright | 5:26
Sean Kory | 5:50
Sarah Furay | 6:27
Angela Green | 7:26
Lucas William Vincent | 8:15
Alysa Bathrick | 8:57
Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez | 9:56

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