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Pachelbel’s Canon (Classical/Pop Guitar) [Guitarist Ripped] || Vince Carrola

Upload : 26 Mar 2015
Channel  : Vince Carrola
Duration : 6.56
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SNAPCHAT: @vince2carrola

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About this video:

So, I’m supposing we’ve all been to a classical performance in the past. (Or something dreadfully similar.) And I’m also supposing that at some point, we’ve all been dreadfully bored by the proceedings.

Oh, come on, don’t you judge me! You know that it's a bit true!

Let’s face it: Classical performances CAN be boring! (And vexing.) Especially classical guitar performances—in my opinion, I suppose. Please don’t tell the CG’s I said that!

Anyways, that’s what we tried to capture in this video.

Our performer, VC, walks out onto a stage and is surprised by the…audience attendance. After trying to play a few straight classical pieces, he breaks into a pop version of Pachelbel’s Canon—for entertainment purposes only, I assure you. (I know the whole ‘change the style for entertainment reasons’ doesn’t work in the video, but…it’s a video, dadblameit!)

You see, VC breaks all the classical guitar rules; including, but not limited to: Standing on the footstool incorrectly, and hitting the guitar for some percussive effects. (Yes, it was sooooo fun!)

Many thanks to both Maureen Valentine and C. Daniel Shaw for allowing us to shoot this video in the Olin Fine Arts Center at Washington and Jefferson College.

So, here is Pachelbel’s Canon Meets Classical/Pop Guitar!

Thanks for reading and watching, or watching and reading. It really depends on how you go about things, I suppose.

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~ Vince (VC) Carrola

Nocturne Op. 15 No.1 by F. Chopin
Music transcription & arrangement by Vince Carrola
Recored & Mixed at Studio VC
Videography & Shots by Anthony (Tony) Carrola
Video film edited & put together by Anthony and Vince Carrola
Audience: Tony Carrola